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Stoked to be Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

POSTED ON 07 December 2022

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As of this November, we have joined an amazing network of like minded brands and businesses and jumped on board to support the incredibly important work of the grassroots movement Surfers against Sewage (SAS). And we’re feeling pretty swell about it…

Over the past couple of decades, the charity has grown into one of the UK’s most important, active, and successful groups of environmentalists championing for cleaner, safer oceans and rivers.


“Not just surfers, not just sewage.”

No board? No worries… This charity is about all of us.

In 1990, a community of surfers in a humble surfing village in Cornwall called Porthtowan got sick of the state of the coastline on their favourite surfing spot. In shock of what had happened to a once stunning secret nugget of natural paradise, the group of surfers became increasingly concerned about the sanitation levels of the beloved water they were surfing in, and decided to take action. 

A SAS rep said, “Those hardy souls who ventured into the water back then often found themselves swimming in raw sewage. There’s tales of sanitary towels on heads and human poo sandwiched between bodies and boards.” (SAS) That is quite literally… Cr&*! 💩

The cause may have been brought to our attention by our surfing brothers and sisters, but the charity's ethos has been supported and carried on by anyone and everyone who loves and adores the beautiful English coastlines (and beyond)!


Plastic = Sewage!

Did you know a whopping 12 million tonnes of marine litter and plastic enter the oceans every year?

Plastic pollution is an omen that, now more than ever, threatens our natural spaces and our very existence! But it’s not all doom and gloom when charities like the SAS aim to chase plastic free communities and a more sustainable future for all of us. Their very simple mission statements?


  1. To conquer the problem right from the very source. 

  2. To clean up existing pollution from our beaches.


Did you know that SAS has the largest community of beach cleanup events/activists in the UK? Their members and volunteers really are the driving force behind their successes, sharing a burning love and passion for the coastline that too many of us take for granted. To find out more about your next local beach clean, take a look here. SAS are running a ‘million mile clean’ and the events are happening all the time, all over the UK and it is a great, family friendly way to blow away the cobwebs and do something good for the earth and its earthlings. (That’s you!)


We are part of the Ocean Network

We have pledged to support Surfers Against Sewage for the next year as part of the Ocean Network! The Ocean Network is a collection of individuals and businesses with the same passion for keeping our waters clean. This is all in favour of keeping plastic off our beaches, out of our oceans, and away from our future! We will be doing our bit by continuing to shout about our sustainable scrubs, and push the boundaries of fabric invitation to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. 

Our own mission…

As you all know by now, we’re striving to do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic we use not only in our manufacturing and postage processes with our sugar cane packaging, but also working to reduce the plastic that gets washed up on our shorelines by repurposing plastic bottles, and recycling them into polyester which then gets woven together with sustainably sourced cotton to blend a more eco-friendly (and extra stretchy) uniform. SO stretchy in fact, you could surf in it! (Okay maybe that's a porky, but this guy’s giving it a go…)

If you want to read up on our Zesti fabric technology, then check out our blog post about Alsi-flex™. Fancy a pair of sustainable scrubs? Have a browse, or give us a call on 01772 230660 and have a chat! We' be happy to advise you.


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