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Step (don’t slide) into Christmas with Skechers

POSTED ON 20 December 2022

Picture for category Step (don’t slide) into Christmas with Skechers

Having decent footwear when you work in the healthcare industry is equally as important as steel toe capped boots when working on a construction site! They’re for your own protection! Don’t neglect those tootsies, they’re so so important. 

Just because you're not at risk of necessarily dropping a heavy object on your foot doesn’t mean safety footwear isn’t meant for you, it’s just a different type of safety. It’s called occupational hunny, get with it.

Let’s talk slips and trips

Did you know that slips, trips and falls make up 66% of the claims in the healthcare industry? And according to data from 'The Hartford' 50% of them occur inside the office. One of the main preventatives of these accidents is for workplace managers to run a tight ship in terms of removing any physical hazards, cleaning spillages quickly and efficiently, keeping gangways free of obstacles and so forth. All workplaces should be having regular risk assessments to make sure the environment is a safe space, and minimises the chance that employees will get hurt. BUT, as anyone in healthcare will tell you, especially at the moment with wards busier than ever before, things can get a little hectic and hazards can sometimes be unavoidable, and let’s face it, part of the job!

The HSE claims that falls ‘account for around half of all reported major injuries to employees.’ Whilst we often can’t control what happens in the environment we are working in, we can choose how we protect ourselves, especially when it comes to what we wear on our feet…


Choose Skechers

You already know by now that we partner with Skechers. But it’s not just because we think they look kickin’. There is genuine, and industry tested evidence as to why Skechers will always be our first choice when it comes to safety for essential workers.

The popular and comfort renowned lifestyle brand, have used their fashion feedback to make funky slip resistant footwear that not only functions to aid your safety but also appeals to a more fashion conscious scrub wearer. (That’s you). 

Not only are these babies slip resistant, but they have just released a new ‘arch fit’ model, a podiatrist certified arch support that boasts 20 years of research to back it up. Yeah - these guys don’t do things half baked! Looking after your feet, and ensuring you have sufficient support whilst walking, running, and the normal dashing about that is your day to day, is massively important for not just your feet, but your spine and overall wellbeing too! There are nasty consequences of wearing ill-fitting shoes, especially where you’ll be exposed to long working hours and little time to take a load off. So choose your shoes wisely!

We now have the work range of the Skechers Arch fit in stock at Zesti, the perfect combo for your Zesti scrubs, and the perfect Christmas gift for someone special in healthcare.

Check out our range of comfy work trainers here! 


Merry Christmas you lot! Look after yourselves, because without you, we simply wouldn’t be Zesti.



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