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Our packaging is as sweet as it gets

POSTED ON 11 October 2022

Picture for category Our packaging is as sweet as it gets

You know when something looks so good it looks good enough to eat? Well, here’s a little sugary nugget of information for you… Our beautiful zesti packaging is made entirely out of sugar cane!


**disclaimer** Please don’t actually eat it! It’s for packing up your new Zesti scrub uniforms, it’s not for snacking. 


All jokes aside, it is quite literally made out of 100% sustainable sugarcane which is called Green PE. Duo Green, who are the masterminds behind it, are the first ever packaging manufacturer to make their mailing bags entirely out of this material and we are really excited to utilise their products in our own ambitions to look after the planet.


Let’s talk science

So, what actually is Green PE? Well, technically it is chemically identical to regular plastic but it is produced from sugarcane ethanol instead of finite fossil-based materials. It’s really a type of renewable polythene. 


There’s an interesting paper by Priyanka Singh that researches how sugarcane cultivation can mitigate greenhouse gas-carbon dioxide. She cites a study that proves growing sugarcane absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than growing it and farming it contributed. She concludes that the sugarcane crop ‘plays an important role in purifying the air by acting as one of the potential CO2 scavengers’ and says it could be an exciting and revolutionary way to combat global warming. Clever!


Duo Green says that ’2.78kg of CO2 is saved for every 1000kg of GreenPE used!!’’ So yeah, we feel good that we’re helping to minimise our CO2 emissions. 

Nothing to hide here!

It’s a common misconception that when these new and seemingly revolutionary solutions come to play, they often are undermined by occult sinister effects to local farming communities, which, lets face it, negates any sort of effort to be better global citizens in the first place. *BIG SIGH*.


BUT, do you really think we’d choose a packaging company that didn’t consider that? Duo Green have covered all bases. They actually grow their sugar cane in Brazil, which has the best conditions for growing the crop. It is the largest watershed in the world, it’s really really sunny and is at the forefront of biofuel research. More specifically, the locations chosen to plant the crops are degraded pasture land. So i.e. big open spaces that already exist. No deforestation here. Duo Green reports that 1.2 jobs have been directly created by their enterprises as well as delivering 120 education and manpower qualifications projects in the last 7 years. And if your eyebrows haven’t disappeared into your hairline yet… the sugarcane mills also produce their own energy by burning sugarcane bagasse, or as we’d call it pulp. Yeah… like we said, they really have thought of everything. 

There is so much more to learn, so why not visit Duo Green to find out the details about their incredible work. We are grateful to have found such a committed & genuine organisation to solve our packaging solutions! 



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