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Meet Nadia #morethanmyscrubs

POSTED ON 17 November 2022

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It’s that time again where we celebrate one of our Zesti besties. Meet Nadia, AKA @silvermoods - Instragramer, fashion/lifestyle blogger and Dental Hygiene & Therapist! Woah, she’s a busy bee!


C’mon, let’s say hello!

Hello there!!


Hey Zesti, my name is Nadia! 👋


Hey Nadia, it's nice to meet you! What do your friends call you?



Where are you from? 


Bristol, UK. 


What makes you tick?


Holidays abroad, meeting new people and fun adventures!


What’s your BIGGEST pet peeve?


When people are late!


What do you do when you’re not in your scrubs?


I am usually creating content for the social media brands I work with, taking and editing 

pictures as well as filming videos for my YouTube channel that I share with my sister.


What did you have for dinner last night?


I had pollo pasta at one of my favourite restaurants in Bristol.


What does your day to day routine look like?


I am usually working from 9-5pm, during the week I work at two different dental practices. On

the weekends I spend time with family and friends, which usually involves getting coffee and 

food. 😁


What is your main job role? 


Dental Hygiene and Therapist.


What is your favourite/most exciting part of your job?


I really enjoy meeting new people, especially working in the paediatric department as I love 

working with children. My favourite part of my job is transforming people's smiles and 

seeing their reaction, it is so rewarding!


Why did you choose this career path?


I have always found dentistry interesting, I worked as a dental assistant before realising I 

wanted to carry on my education further and so I decided to do Dental Hygiene and 



We can imgaine times get hectic! What do you do to unwind after a busy week at work?


I usually spend time with my sister, we catch up on our week and watch some movies 



Do you have a pet?


No, but I would love to get a cat one day.


If we gave you a plane ticket, where would you go?


Rhodes, Greece!!


Which Zesti colour represents who you are & why?


I like ‘Dawn’ it is sophisticated and elegant ❣️




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Be sure to check out Nadia’s socials, where she regularly updates us on her latest fits, travels and adventures.


Instagram @silvermoods

YouTube @TheMoodsSisters



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