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Meet Danny #morethanmyscrubs

POSTED ON 26 January 2023

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Welcome back to the #morethanmyscrubs series, where we get up close and personal with our favourite Zesti ambassadors. First up, to ring in the new year of 2023, we have Danny Chambers, or as we call him, Danny the vet


Not only is Danny an incredibly talented and compassionate veterinarian, he is a writer and mental health campaigner too! Go get’em Danny! In good ole’ fashioned Zesti style, we asked Danny some questions so we could get to know the man beneath the scrubs. Spirit Eclipse scrubs to be precise… 


Hi Danny! So tell us, where are you from?

Hi Zesti! I live and work in Winchester, UK.


What makes you tick?

I love the special bond people have with their pets and seeing how excited they are to pick them up from the vets and take them home. It’s the most satisfying part of the job. As are all the thank you cards we receive! It’s so fulfilling to know how much people appreciate our efforts.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

There are a small group of people, often on social media, who accuse vets of only being ‘in it for the money.’ Yes veterinary care can sometimes be expensive, but your vet won’t be the person running the business or setting the prices. Everyone has to make a living, and we choose to do that by treating animals. We study for years and work long hours and we have to earn a living!

People who try giving their animals random treatments from the internet instead of getting proper veterinary advice. Unregulated treatments are often ineffective, and can even be harmful. Always speak to your vet if you’re worried about the health of your animal.

Oh preach, we hear you! So, What do you do when you’re not in your scrubs?

I play the guitar (badly), go running (slowly), and I often answer pet questions on the radio.

I’m a trustee of the charity Vetlife. We support the mental health of the UK veterinary profession. You may be surprised to learn that vets have a suicide rate of four times the national average, and we make sure that everyone in the veterinary profession has someone they can speak to 24/7 if they need to.

I also run Veterinary Voices UK where we help educate animal owners on veterinary issues - new podcast starting very soon! 

We appreciate all you do to help vets and animals alife all over the UK Danny. <3 SO here’s our favourite question: What did you have for dinner last night?

Pasta carbonara - one of my favourite dishes!


What does your day to day routine look like?

My job involves providing emergency cover for treating horses in emergencies, so if I’ve had a busy night I sometimes catch up on sleep during the morning.

What is your main job role? 

I do mostly emergency work, mostly with horses, mostly at night! 🐴

What is your favourite/most exciting part of your job?

My job involves dealing with emergencies which means every day is exciting! 

For horses we treat a lot of colics and wounds. Foalings are always an emergency!

What made you want to become a vet in the first place? 

I grew up on a farm and I loved science at school, so being a vet was the perfect way of combining my love for science with working with animals. 

What do you do to unwind after a busy week at work?

I love hiking, and we often organise hikes for groups of vets and vet nurses to get away together for a few days. We’ve walked the Snowdonia Way in Wales, the Herriot Way in Yorkshire, and this year we’re walking the Southdowns Way in Hampshire. Getting some exercise, being out in the fresh air and with good company is fantastic for physical and mental health!

We love that! If we gave you a plane ticket, where would you go?

I have loved my time working with rabies vaccination clinics in India and I’d love to go back again. Everyone is friendly, the country is amazing, and you make a huge difference to both animal and human health!

Final question, then we’ll let you get back to saving animal lives… Which Zesti colour represents who you are & why?

I love the Eclipse colour - I am often working just as the sun is about to come up and these scrubs match the night sky just before sunrise! 



Well there you have it, a small introduction to Danny the vet. We’ve really enjoyed working with him, and we hope to continue to see him smiling in our scrubs for a long time to come. From everyone at Zesti HQ, we’d like to extend our gratitude… THANKS DANNY! <3


Be sure to follow him on instagram, and any fellow vets out there, be sure to reach out to the Vet Life helpline should you need someone to speak to. The number is 0303 040 2551 and the line is open 24/7 as Danny points out. Times are hard, and getting things off your chest, as hard as it might seem, often really helps. 


Take care Zesti Besties!



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