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ALSIFLEX® is just one of the smart innovations we are making in order to better serve you, your profession and our future.  Our stretch fabric polyester is recycled from pre & post consumer waste.

Basically, your fab Zesti get up is made partly from plastic bottles! Pretty cool huh?

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We’re talking
fabric tech

Made from bio-based and recycled yarns, we have proudly weaved our own stretch fabric that contributes to our mission to protect the planet. 

Go on, try and find a comparable sustainable fabric with this much stretch and this much durability, we dare you! You can wash our ALSIFLEX® garments at 60 degrees too, and it will still retain it's shape and colour.

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Serving your size

Our products are never an afterthought, you come first. The soft but stretchy quality is a revolutionary step forward from the old, rigid materials of the past, never ever hindering your movement or causing discomfort. There is nothing more irritating than an itchy label, restricting fabric, and an unflattering fit. This new technology means we can innovate slimmer fitting uniforms that actually look and feel good for everyone. Watch this space as we endeavor to break down the mainstream constraints of generic & limited sizing.

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