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Alsi-Flex™ ’in all cool

POSTED ON 12 May 2022

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So, who’s the new kid on the block?


At Zesti we are very keen to be as sustainable as we can possibly be. That’s why our very clever researchers spent some time racking their brains to come up with a brand new material that is very comfy, very stretchy and verrry sustainable… It’s called Alsi-Flex™.


Whilst developing our new stretch fabric, our tech wizard’s & witches have created a product that has not only matched… no no, but exceeded the current standards of permanent stretch. We’re pretty proud of ourselves, we’ve managed to do what other comparable fabric manufacturers couldn’t. 


Alsi-Flex™ has pushed the boundaries of innovation in workwear not only in terms of the quality of material, but most importantly in terms of responding to the urgent demands of the climate change crisis of our time. The fabric itself is made out of renewable sourced and recycled yarns that protect not only the plant but the people that produce them.

Our new technology, like never before, offers a performance and longevity that other comparable stretch fabric can't compete with. The formula of composition and weave has resulted in a handle that is not only comfy as hell, but also quick drying and useful across a wide array of industries.

One of our proudest achievements so far is that we emit 2 ⁄ 3’s less CO2 in the production of Alsi-Flex™ than other comparable fabrics. *clap* *clap* *clap* 


*Modest bow*

So what’s in this secret sustainable sauce?


Partly, we use recycled polyester that is born from pre and post consumer waste. This actually includes plastic bottles! 

We are doing this because we care about the bi-products of our business and we don’t want to leave a goliath sized carbon footprint in our wake. We aim to only leave a teeny weeny one, and one day hopefully none at all! Using recycled polyester reduces the amount of non-perishable waste, meaning less waste is taken to landfill sites. Wahoo! Then, we blend it together with THE best quality cotton that we can get our hands on. The cotton we use is sustainably sourced from accredited programmes which exist to reduce the impact on the environment and local communities across the world. The fluffy cotton we source is not only kinder to our planet, but also kinder to your skin, making our Zesti scrubs perfect for those loooong old shifts. 

We also know that in our industry, we gotta wash things hot! (How else are we going to kill off those grotty germies?) So, our brainstorming didn’t just stop at the manufacturing phase, we really thought about our product from start to finish. Our blend of cotton and recycled polyester utilises special filament yarn tech that minimises the fibres that shed during a high temperature wash. SO not only does this aid durability of our scrubs but also reduces the amount of pesky microfibres that escape back into our water systems. The carefully engineered fibre composition of Alsi-Flex™ also accelerates drying, so there is no need to use more energy than we need to. 

We are so proud to be part of a journey to better our future, so we’re not stopping here. Watch this space…


And, of course, buy some sustainable Zesti scrubs! We've got scrub tunics and scrub trousers galore!



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