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A Zesti Uniform Guide

POSTED ON 03 January 2023

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Are you looking to kit your staff out in a funky new scrub uniform but have no idea where to start? Well look no further. Scrubs aren’t just the boxy V neck tops worn by Zach Braff on TV, oh no no! They could also be the difference between your team being able to fully focus on their work and their patients and spending all their time fiddling and fidgeting with cardboard-ish fits. 

To help get you started, we’ve created a guide to walk you through the top considerations to make when deciding on your next pair of scrubs. Start by asking yourself these questions... 

Do I want something more traditional or am I looking for something more edgy and contemporary?

Whilst of course, function will always come first, but who said scrubs can’t be fashionable? Unless your workplace has specific rules and guidelines, you pretty much have an endless number of scrub options and possibilities when it comes to choosing your trendy scrubs. Features like necklines, colours and prints are key when adding some pizaz to your workwear wardrobe. 

Do I need pockets?


It depends on the type of work you carry out. Whilst we understand that some people carry the majority of their belongings in their pockets, it’s definitely worth considering if they are really needed for the work being carried out, or will just end up being an unnecessary feature. Pockets allow for easy access to items that are frequently used, so make sure you pick a style which is made to hold the hundreds of pens, phones, lip balms, tissues and other essentials that keep you going throughout the day. 

I want to be comfortable, but what should I be looking for?


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… Comfort is key! However, finding that perfect pair of scrubs depends on many different factors. Firstly, it is important to consider the fit and size, as wearing scrubs that are too big or too small will end up getting in the way or restrict your movements. And we don’t want that, do we? In addition, fabric. A stretchy fabric helps a garment move and bend with your body, in turn giving you the freedom to get on with your day to day tasks and have a little dance when your shift is over. If you’re often finding yourself restricted in your scrubs, it’s definitely worth trying our ultimate stretch Alsi-Flex fabric to ensure your staff have maximum comfort at work so they can get on with the important stuff!


Zesti top-tip: Always get you and your staff to check the size guides before ordering so you can ensure you get it right the first time!

Do I want/need the colour to represent my brand, my sector or job role?


With a huge range of colours to choose from, this decision is really up to you and your organisation. Unless you have a brand colour that you have to stick to, you can choose your favourite colour or even mix and match to distinguish between job roles or levels of qualifications – the options are endless!

Do I need a logo on my uniform?


Adding your logo helps promote your brand, increases your brand awareness and helps your customers easily identify your staff members. But why should it stop at the logo? You might also want to consider text options to add staff names – it's not just about picking the right scrub but also the right personalisation that makes your scrubs yours. After all, they are your second skin! 

Hopefully this blog will leave you feeling a little more clued up on what exactly you need to consider before purchasing your scrubs. By considering all the above mentioned points, you can rest assured that your staff can not only work in comfort, but also in style. Take a look at Zesti’s scrub ranges and find your perfect match.



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